Sunday, 25 April 2010

On Perseverance

Here's the problem:

I didn't do any of the writing I intended to after work last night. Then I woke up early today, but was realy groggy. I got some writing done but it didn't feel good.
Then I got distracted by recording a guitar part for a certain song that a certain forum is writing and recording for a certain in-need-of-cheering comedian. Recording anything other than my little acoustic ditties is one of the most stressful things I know of.
Then my lunch-break became really long because I started rewatching Doctor Who.

A bad day for writing, all round. I felt like giving up.

Here's the solution:

But then after lunch, I sat back in front of my computer, and started to write. Not quickly, or well, but a bit. Then I did that again. Then once more. And so on.
The thing is, there's so many hours in a day. I've never tried counting, but there must be nearly fifty. So I don't have to write a lot, I don't have to write quickly, or even well. I just have to persevere, and write often.

And I have a new technique, too. Instead of writing a list of all the basic plot points, then trying to write as much for each one as possible, I write a list of all the necessary plot points, then try and write as little as possible for each one.
So instead of stressing about how much to write (and getting a novel full of stuff I will immediately cut out,) I am energised by my writing, and will (hopefully) get something slightly novel-shaped at the end. Of course, there's still a lot of unnecessary crap in there, because I usually forget the 'write as little as possible' thing. I forget a lot of things.

So there it is: a thought. Just keep swimming. There's more time than I think.

A teaser: we here at Learning To Read are dedicated to giving you, the reader, the most fulsome and weight-conscious blogging experience we can.
It is with this in mind that tomorrow we will be announcing a new regular feature, and explaining an upcoming project, and formally introducing a new member of the team. Or, as we like to think of it here at Learning To Read, The Team.


  1. Interesting new writing technique. May try it.

    Hope The Team will make the new member feel welcome.

  2. Just showing up is massively important in any endeavour. Well done sir.

  3. "I don't have to write quickly, or even well. I just have to persevere, and write often."

    It's is the key. And I'm thinking of putting that above my computer screen.

  4. I would love it if you did, Lisa. Nothing beats the feeling of being quoted.