Friday, 14 May 2010

Blog Friday

Welcome again to those from the Hop. If you're having trouble keeping your balance with a Standard Hop, why not try a Space Hop, Hip Hop or Pork cHop?

It's been a pretty busy week at Learning to Read. There's been reviews of The Road, and Blackberry Wine; some more photos; and a dispatch from the Book Front.
There's more photos and Book Front dispatches coming up, as well as CS Lewis, David Lodge, Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie,, Bono, coming up in reviews in the next few weeks.

And guess who was 90 this week? Only one of Learning to Read's favourite ever writers (and world-class player of Simon Says, we've heard) RICHARD ADAMS. Expect a celebratory post soon.

But it's time to point you away from the comfy chairs and low tables of Learning to Read, towards the more exciting furniture of another blog. This week's mention is...

Running The Central Line

A narrative/adventure blog, about one man's challenge to run the route that lesser people have to use specially built undergroud trains to traverse. It's told with wit and funny pictures.
It's also got a bit more dramatic recently. Not to spoil it for you, but... things haven't gone perfectly.

As a blog about reading and writing, the Learning to Read team can recognise a well-placed obstacle to a protagonist's goal when they see it. (Except Michael. He doesn't read any novels of which he is not the main character.)
It's decision time, and the issue is how and whether the challenge even goes ahead. Damn good conflict. I honestly don't know how it's going to end. You'll be hooked.


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog from the Book Hop! :-)

    You can find me at Ex Libris. Hope to see you there! :-)

  2. I'm here from the Hop as well -- very entertaining site you have here!

    I'm over at Bibliolatry, if you're interested.

    Happy reading!

  3. Wow! How lovely to receive such a favourable review from the talented writer of this far superior TYSIC blog. I'm glad you can appreciate the drama of my situation too since I'm honestly not sure what'll happen next either. I do think you just inadvertently increased the drama level by exposing my plight to another 46 expectant readers, though. Eek!

    Anyway, I'll be blogging tonight on the probable future direction of the project. So look out for that.

    Thanks again buddy.

  4. I'm a new follower. I found you through the hop. :)

    Let's do the Hop!

    My Hop is here.


  5. Loved the review of The Road. And I fully recommend McCarthy's other books. No Country for Old Men is the most accessible, some of the others are a little tougher to crack, but no less brilliant. His sparsity of inner monologue and dialogue continues throughout. His description in the earlier books alternates between sparse and wild, and the wild is brilliant. There are passages in books like Blood Meridian that will melt your brain (or at least my brain).

  6. Bono is very underrated as an author. Wait till you get to the chapter with the bats.

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