Monday, 3 May 2010

Photo Month 1-3

So here it is, May 2010,my very first Photo Month! It's happening because I've bought myself a digital camera. I have no previous record as a photographer, and the camera is a very cheap point-and-click machine. Having said that, I think it's pretty good at what it does.
What I'm trying to say is (and this should be my catchphrase or something): don't expect anything good.

I will probably post every three days, because three photographs per post seems about right. I've settled on a vague theme, which the Laerning to Read focus group has entitled 'creativity'. So if I get stuck, I can just take a photo of Something That Has Been Made. Easy. Here goes:

Photo #1
Maybe it's because I'm sitting at my desk writing all day, but the first few seem to be grouped around the idea of notes. This one documents my early obssession with one of the programmed settings. It's the Macro, which (even if it doesn't show here) is something special.

Photo #2
I wanted to convey the sheer quantity of pointless notes that litter my desk, but I don't think it comes across. At the bottom of this pile are three 120+ page A4 notebooks, completely full with words and the like. Lost somewhere in the middle are the dozens of pieces of paper with a certain shop's website address on, that I use to note down ideas when I'm at work.

Photo #3
Not sure what this one is about, except another go with the Macro setting. It's addictive. My last notebook had yellow pages, and I loved it. My new one has red covers,but only white pages. FEEL SORRY FOR ME.

Photo Month 4-6 should hopefully appear on Thursday. Wednesday is my birthday, and I'm going to a friend's house to paint and things, so that could fit into my theme pretty easily. Thursday I vote.


  1. You have all the makings of a crazy shut-in. I love that about you.

    I am Jack's creative streak.

  2. Man your notes are neat. Your writing is like legible and stuff. Good photos though.