Monday, 31 May 2010

Photo Month 22-31

Ah, the last stretch. And do you know what? I've been pretty lax. And by pretty lax, I of course mean something else entirely. I mean very lax. Some of the following photos miss out on the basic concept of photo-a-day-ness. They were not, in fact, taken on days.

Okay, yes, they were taken on days. But not necessarily the right ones, and not one-per. Happily, I forgot to call this mini-challege Do One Photo Each Day For A Month Or DIE, even though that more accurately represents my sentiments when I started it. In fact, out of laziness, I called it Photo Month. These photos might not have been taken on days, but they were taken on a month.

Photo #22:
If you can't share a book, you can't share food. I cannot share books. Feel free to do the math(ematics).

Photo #23:
I am related to all three of these people. The strange thing is, there was no television in that room. Just a TRANS-DIMENSIONAL DOOM VORTEX. Which my mum seems to find funny.

Photo #24:

I am also related to these people. Except the tiny ones in the distance (who were pretty small in real life, too. Father Ted would have had trouble explaining that.)

Photo #25:
If you stare at this photo for long enough, you will see the image of nutjob footballer Zinedine Zidane in a flatcap. Try it. Just stare, hour after hour. It's worth the wait when you see it.

Photo #26:

These guys just set up in the middle of a field to rock out, six years ago. They've been rocking out ever since, and some entrepeneurial soul built a pub around them. Then they built a city around that pub. Then they altered everyone's memories so that they all think it happened in reverse.

Photo #27:

This is a picture of my life. If you look very closely, there is a clue about which book I will next be reviewing. (For those of you having trouble spotting it, here's another clue: 'davidlodgedeafsentence' is an anagram that might just help you out.)
If you look really closely, you could steal all my ideas. Honestly, you're welcome to them.

Photo #28:

Eleven seconds after this photo was taken, a huge fight broke out amongst these people. Apparently, one of them thought David Foster Wallace should be shelved under 'F', not 'W'. And then someone else suggested he should be shelved under Modern Classics, and all hell broke out. I've not seen any of them since, except on the news.

Photo #29:

Sometimes, you really need a drink and a snack in the cinema. You need it so much that you sell your house to buy it, but then you realise you still don't have enough money, so you offer the guy behind the counter his choice of your kidneys. And because he's a nice guy, he lets you off the rest, once he's had your watch and camera and future intellectual rights. (What I'm trying to say is, all this was more expensive than I expected.)

Photo #30:

It's actually an optical illusion. That cue is the same length as his forearm. That's perspective for you. Funny business, perspective.

Photo #31:

I know what you're thinking: some more classic perspective work from Ben.

You're wrong. This photo contains absolutely no perspective whatsoever. The black ball is twice the size of his head. It's only television that makes it look small. Odd how it works like that.

SO that was Photo Month. What have I learnt?

1. My camera has an awesome macro setting.
2. Taking my camera everywhere is a really good idea. You only have to take one or two photos -- 30 seconds, max -- and you forget things a lot less.
3. I possibly need to get out more.


  1. Dangit! I can never do those stupid magic eye things. I still haven't seen Zidane or his dumb flatcap and I only gave up when my eyes started to bleed.

    Photo #29 (and its accompanying text) reminds me of Black Books.

  2. For some crazy reason, all the libraries in my area shelve Alexander McCall Smith under M. It annoys me every day.

  3. I saw Zidane! Problem is.. he was only holding the cap, not wearing it. OH and the corpse of Materrazi was floating downstream.

    The Lodge book kinda remimnded of a Roald Dahl book cover. Thought it was until I read the cunning anagram.

  4. I had a similar issue with expensive food at the cinema quite recently but luckily I'd had the foresight to bring along my collection of Fabergé eggs, my elixir of life vials and the blueprints to my perpetual motion machine. Looking back, I probably should have made copies! The popcorn was excellent though.

  5. What did you see at the cinema?

    Also - I have to save so hard to go, which usually means Orange Wednesdays. (I have an Orange SIM card just so that I can take advantage of this)