Thursday, 6 May 2010

Photo Month 4-6

And so it continues....

Photo #4

What has this got to do with creativity, I hear you ask? This is what I look like (ie. tired) after a five-day writing stint. As I have said over and over to anybody who will listen, I wish my whole life was like that five-day writing stint.
Nobody has yet, on hearing me say that, offered to give me a living wage in return for bad (but interestingly bad) novels. The bastards.

Photo #5
Photo #5 = 5th of May = my birthday. And I went to my friend Clare's house, where a bunch of us go every Wednesday, expecting nothing unusual... and they'd only ruddy built a bookshop in my honour! (My name there is Bookshop.)
Everyone had brought along a few favourite books, and we auctioned them off to each other (for a 2-month loan spell) using the universal currency of sweets. It was pretty much the best thing ever. I now have three unexpected books lined up for reviews, over the next 2 months. And lots of sweets.

Photo #6

Creative, you know? Singing? Making the ol' music?

But more to the point, how good is that Macro setting? Remember, I am a useless camera-person. I did none of the work here, it was all the camera.

Until next time, folks. Photos 7-9 should arrive on Sunday.


  1. That is one righteous 'stache. I also enjoy the blury bits in the background of the mic photo.


    I am still laughing at the tasch. Love the macro setting. How do sweets work currency wise. Smarties I assume are pennies.

  3. The book auction is a great idea! Happy birthday!

  4. Hello! Found you via the book blog hopper - what a happy find! That book auction sounds like awesome fun, and I would be ridiculously keen to do one too if it weren't for the fact that I'm so anal about the condition of my books.

    And happy birthday!

  5. Just hopping by and have become a new follower. Please feel free to visit me and do the same here .

    I'm so glad to have come across your blog, and look forward to looking through your archive.

    Happy belated birthday!